Michael Seibel
Stage and Opera Director - Professor of Drama, Improvisation and Voice

Born in Germany, he lives the last 19 years in Greece.
Academic studies in Music and Theatre (University of Saarland - Music and Drama Academy of Saarland).

Scholarship Foundation Richard Wagner. 

MA in directing theatre and opera at Middlesex University London. 

He directed theatre and opera performances in Germany and Greece (such as National Theatre Athens, Opera House Thessalonika).
He was awarded with international theatre awards (such as "Best Directing" at the international  Theatre Festival for experimental in Cairo 2000 / "Best Performance" at the Festival "Enconter" for Drama Schools in Brno in Czech Republic 1999)

He was Artistic Director of theatre groups, theatre programs and festivals (such as Artistic Director at Theatre Festival "NauwieserTheaterFest" in Saarbrücken, Germany 1994-96 / Artistic Director for the theatrical programm at Film Festival "Max Ophüls" in Saarbrücken, Germany 1995).

Research and publications particularly in the fields of acting, improvisation and voice training (such as Phenomenology of theatre and theatre character, the improvisation process, the inner improvisation, Theatre and Focusing - a double process , Newsletter "Staying in Focus", International Focusing Institut NY 2003.)

Lectures at universities and conferences (such as "Greek theater and its manifestations in different cultures" at Symposium for Experimental Theatre in Cairo 2003 / “The director's approach of characteristic scenes of the tragedy "Agamemnon” by Aeschylus and “Ajax” by Sophocles, Democritus University of Thrace, 2011 / "Greek theatre" at PennState University USA, 2011) 

He teaches acting and improvisation and voice since 1996 in Drama Schools, seminars and workshops. 
Since 2000 he is Professor of Drama and Improvisation in the Drama School Mary Vogiatzis Traga in Athens, Greece.